Huehuetenango, Guatemala

About Our Sister City

Home of the Effutufo people. Famed for music and pottery. Site of an annual deer hunting festival and New Year's carnival/masquerade.


Winneba is in the Central Region of Ghana and is 42 miles west of the capital, Accra.  Ghana itself is administratively divided into 10 regions and 110 districts.  Winneba is the district headquarters to the surrounding townships. It is a coastal town bordered to the east by the Ayensu River and the west by the Manko Mountain range. The population was recorded as 40,017 in a census in 2000. Its inhabitants are known as Simpafo or Effutufo. It is the capital of the Awutu/Effutu/Senya District in Central Region. The main industries of Winneba are fishing and pottery. It is known for the Aboakyer deer-hunting festival of the Effutu people and its New Year fancy dress carnival/masquerading festival. The town has a rich musical tradition and boasts of several renowned musical groups in the country. The University of Education, Winneba is one of the educational institutions in Ghana. Until 1966 it was the Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Ideology.


A Huehuetenango Project

A Winneba Project 


Charlottesville nonprofit radio station WTJU established a sister radio station relationship with Peace FM in Winneba, Ghana. Peace FM's station manager traveled from Winneba to Charlottesville. He was interviewed on WTJU, shared musical programming, met Charlottesville area residents at a public reception, and served as a guest lecturer in two different University of Virginia classes. The project achieved its aim of comparing experiences as community broadcasters, discussing strategies for serving their communities through media, and sharing programming between stations.